Recovery Talks: The Podcast

Find the Bad-Asses

October 29, 2020

This time, no guest. "Recovery Talks: The Podcast" host Marc Lee Shannon flies solo. It's authentic, raw, and unembellished. We get the truth laid bare from his inaugural alcohol and drug abuse from early life family-structure chaos. We experience his journey, what it was like, what happened, what it's like now.  From corporate-world warrior to a world-class musician who finally, one day, needed to simply stop…and, with the help of others, admit where his life was taking him. To say the words that all addicts and alcoholics must say. Please. Help. Me. It's a gripping story of a man who 'took the lid off the man-hole cover,' to finally get to the real reasons that the substance abuse began, and to eventually celebrate ongoing success not only as a father but also as an author, a songwriter, musician and, now, a podcaster.

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