Recovery Talks: The Podcast

Higher Power, Higher Purpose

February 25, 2021

Nashville producer, session-player, teacher, and 12-year Darius Rucker band-member Lee Turner is unashamed to admit it and pulls no punches in celebrating it: his sobriety is largely dependent on his ‘higher power’. As you’ll discover with Marc during this episode, Lee had to wander down the path of broken marriages, poor musical performances, and life-sapping demons. And finally, while physically shaking and unable to even utter words, it was a phone call made on his behalf to the Betty Ford Clinic when he was finally able to say to himself, “Thank G-d, it’s over”.  Now, playing more vibrantly than ever before, Lee expands on why his belief in a higher power plays such an important part in his recovery, and why he feels his music has never sounded better.




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