Recovery Talks: The Podcast

Never Give Up

April 11, 2022

Athena Fleming has endured something that most people will never experience: the loss of a child to addiction.


In perhaps the most gut-wrenching episode of this podcast, Marc and Athena try to untangle and comprehend the journey and tragic ending of Athena’s daughter, Alycia. This episode recounts the battle that ensued to confront her addiction, the victories that temporarily showed promise, and the path that eventually led to Alycia losing the fight.


In Athena’s words, “Our loved ones don’t set out to become addicts. We’re dealing with something that takes over the brain.”


In this gripping, emotional episode, Athena shares with Marc her innermost feelings about doing everything possible to wage war on a scourge that slowly and methodically robbed her of her daughter. And we learn how a mother’s unconditional love can be a testament for others who may be experiencing the same journey.


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