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Radical Acceptance

July 18, 2022
Danica Adams doesn’t mince words, and when it comes to telling her recovery story, she is not shy. Honesty is not in short supply. It takes profound courage to describe such a complex and deeply personal narrative.  
At 14, her sister died of brain cancer. That same year, Danica became pregnant and continued life as a teen mother. Only a couple of years later, she began to use drugs, a decision which would later prompt both an arrest and a felony conviction.
“I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually dead.”
In this dynamic episode, Marc and Danica explore her early life, one filled with excerpts that most adults will never experience, including events involving human trafficking, being a victim of domestic violence, multiple incarcerations, multiple overdoses, homelessness, and prostitution. And none of those events produced a sober life. Danica finally reveals to Marc the game-changing moment that ultimately set her on the road toward ongoing recovery. 
Listen now to this powerful, blistering episode with two peer-recovery specialists digging for the truth in the hopes of that truth eventually helping others.

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