Recovery Talks: The Podcast

The Master Manipulators

November 29, 2021
Relationships can be both intensely gratifying and amazingly complex. And they’re made even more challenging if a relationship involves violence, particularly ‘intimate partner violence’.
In this one-of-a-kind episode, Marc steers the recovery-conversation in a whole new direction, and he does so with his guest, Hope and Healing representative Leanne Bilitz.  In this episode, Leanne deconstructs the assumption that domestic violence can only happen between a man and a woman.  She reinforces the view that ‘everyone’s rock-bottom is different’. We encounter new theories on emotional violence, the emerging condition of ‘financial abuse’, and how coercion and manipulation seeps into relationships of all kinds.  It’s a unique look into how a loving relationship can morph into a desperate decision to seek shelter, and how recovery plays a role within the dynamic of the need for control, as well as the cycle of violence.

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