Recovery Talks: The Podcast

This is Bigger Than Me…I Need Help!

October 1, 2020

Listen in as Marc talks with Cheryl McMillan, a skilled facilitator, narrative Enneagram teacher, and professional. A trauma survivor, Cheryl tells her own unique recovery story that includes childhood abuse and abandonment, as well as the fortuitous intervention by a 3rd-grade teacher. This ensuing pursuit of understanding eventually led her, while listening to an audiobook on a long car-ride, to discover her own deeply hidden struggle with PTSD.  Through therapy, she began to feel safe inside her own body, was able to identify the issues, and could then start to heal.  In the end, her victory included being able to understand this: that she had a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.  (Please pardon the 'audio', but this was recorded using Zoom, during COVID...sorry!)

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