Recovery Talks: The Podcast

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

November 8, 2021

 What happens when nobody wants you around. When you’re ‘unemployable’. When you’ve burned every bridge.  At an early age, Clyde Hensley already knew that with the obstacle of a speech-impediment, a beer or two could temporarily help him to overcome it, to feel ‘cool’.  But by 2009, through multiple job losses and numerous stints in bands, nobody wanted him around.  What happens when you realize that you’ve hit rock bottom? When you’re ‘unemployable’? When you’ve burned every bridge?

 In this episode, Clyde confesses to Marc a life pock-marked by repeat-offenses, blown opportunities, and, in his words, ‘a special kind of drunk who can even be kicked out of Haven!’ But it wasn’t until he was rescued, literally, from certain death, courtesy of both a passing train and a passing stranger, that Clyde turned a corner with the help of the Salvation Army to regain control of both his musical career and his life.


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