Recovery Talks: The Podcast

When the Spinning Stops

October 25, 2021
It’s a dichotomy and an irony: When Zach Friedhoff’s mother passed away, that event provoked a kind of a mental pirouette, one that, in his words, ‘caused a spinning that he hoped would stop’. And yet, as he and Marc discover in this third installment of a four-part series on ‘grief’, the world continues to spin.  And life continues to move on.
In this journey, Zach discusses the importance of how nature and the outdoors allowed him to begin to make progress.  And, more deeply, he shares with Marc how the concept of gratitude enabled him to begin a recovery-process that set him on the path of healing. It’s a powerful episode that helps teach us all about how the ‘grief-spinning’ propels us into that space between being broken and experiencing gratefulness.

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